​My name is Corby Lee and it is my sincere intention to help guide and assist you on your journey, as you discover your "True soul self".  The longer I am here the more it is clear to me, we are here to give and receive love, find peace and contentment in our hearts, mind, body and soul and remember to honor our soul’s passions, gifts and purpose.

(515) 221-8774(514) 478-9550overpower allows you to experience past life memories using deepened relaxation and focused imagination. You will be accessing your subconscious mind to heal wounds and blocks from your past lives that may be interfering with your current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. PLSR can bring a deeper understanding about your current life challenges, shed light on your gifts and help create an integrated connection between your soul intention and your physical experience in this present life.​

(437) 970-5036819-241-9667Psychic Clairvoyant Readings  are a way of tuning into your spiritual team and mine to help you with healing old wounds, gaining insight and bringing new ideas to your life as you look ahead and stand at yet another crossroad, ready to move forward on your soul path.  I am able to provide psychic telephone readings as well as in person and by Skype.

Have you ever wondered...

"What lessons am I here to learn in this lifetime?  What was my pre-birth plan?  Who are my guides,  my soul group and what guidance and wisdom do they have for me?  

Have you ever wondered...

​"Who am I?... Why am I here?...

Why do I struggle with particular situations, physical or emotional pain or certain relationships?... What is my life's purpose?"

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561-962-2169Intuitive Therapy is a spiritual and empathic way of working together, allowing us to get to your concerns and challenges more easily through an accelerated process, because of my ability to uncover what you may sense but are not consciously aware of yet.


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paronymousis an extension of Past Life Regression Therapy and allows you to access memories from the between lives spirit realm, meeting and communing with your spirit guides and teachers, consulting with your council of elders, healing and renewing your soul as you face the journey ahead with increased clarity and purpose. 




Certified Clairvoyant Intuitive

   Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression Therapist

 Corby Lee, MA